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Environment Courses

Environment Management System (EMS) / Internal Environmental Auditor (IEA)

EMS/IEA course provides training in Environmental Management Systems and the development of skills necessary to becoming an Internal Environmental Auditor. Auditing the system and identifying non-conformances and improvement opportunities is essential for an effective EMS. This course addresses the requirements of ISO 14001:2004.

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Environmental Legislation

Environmental Legislation course is an introduction to Irish and EU environmental legislation. Environmental law and regulation is an important factor in an overall business strategy.

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Hazardous Chemical & Spillage Control

Hazardous chemical and spill control provides training in the safe handling of hazardous chemicals and the environmental and health and safety issues arising from the handling, storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals.
Training will assist companies to prepare for a hazardous spill and will focus on three aspects:

  1. Spill preparation
  2. Spill response
  3. Spill clean-up

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HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study) and HAZAN (Hazard Analysis) is a technique used by industry to test the integrity of a design in respect to safety and operability of process operations. The course provides training in the preparation for and undertaking of HAZOP studies and HAZAN studies. Training ensures that studies can be planned and undertaken effectively and efficiently. In addition learning how to recognise the warning signs of a deficient study early enough to make changes.

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ISO 14001 Overview

ISO 14001 Overview course provides training through a step by step guide to the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard addressing the newest revision of the standard including examples of the documentation required for ISO 14001. It is structured to give participants an understanding of how to design and implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) within their own organisation.

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Waste Management / Minimisation

Waste Management/Minimisation introductory course provides training for all organisations that wish to understand and develop skills in waste management and minimisation. The true cost of waste to a business is typically 4-5% of the turnover. Environmental legislation has increased the need for organisations to improve their environmental performance. Undertaking a structured waste minimisation programme will save money, improve the environment, the organisation's profile and competitiveness.

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Waste Water Treatment Technology

An introductory course on wastewater treatment technologies covers the composition of wastewaters, basic unit processes and preliminary treatment, primary, secondary & tertiary treatment and sludge treatment. Wastewater is a complex mixture of natural inorganic and organic material mixed with man-made substances that is discharged to sewer and ends up at a wastewater treatment plant for purification.

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Biological Processes for Water Treatment

An introductory course on biological processes for the treatment of waste water covers the design principles of biologically based processes, fixed film processes and principles including trickling filters, biological aerated filters (BAF's), submerged aeration filters (SAF's), rotating biological contactors (RBC's)and moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR's), suspended growth processes including sequencing batch reactors (SBRs) and high rate biological processes membrane bioreactors (MBRs), activated sludge microbiology and aerobic and anaerobic processes, biological nutrient removal fundamentals and practice, denitrification and enhanced biological phosphate removal.

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Chemical Processes for Water Treatment

An introductory course on chemical processes for the treatment of waste water covers the fundamental principles of kinetics, thermodynamics, and solubility. It looks at the role of solubility in chemical processes including precipitation, scaling and corrosion, adsorption, ion exchange resins, coagulation science and application in water and wastewater treatment, role of floc formation and growth, oxidation and principle of advanced oxidation processes, disinfection kinetics and key issues: formation of by-products and UV irradiation: applications for low and medium pressure lamps

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Potable Water Treatment Technologies

An introductory course on water treatment process and technology will cover water sources and drinking water characteristics, pre-treatment - screening, storage and aeration, primary treatment - coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation and secondary treatment - filtration and disinfection. A Water treatment system is designed to produce water that meets set standards for 48 microbiological, chemical and indicator parameters as set out in the European Communities (Drinking Water) (No. 2) Regulations 2007. Potable water treatment must produce water that is considered "wholesome and clean" which is defined as "water which is free from any microorganisms, parasites and from any substance which in numbers or concentration constitute a potential danger to human health and must meet quality standards.

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