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Health and Safety Courses

Health & Safety Courses

Improving health and safety standards in the workplace will positively affect your business.

In 2011 the Health and Safety Authority reported that 54 workers were killed and more than 10,000 suffered a work related injury that needed reporting to an Enforcement Authority. Coupled with over 100,000 employees suffering from a work related disease or illness, businesses today cannot afford to ignore health and safety.

The costs associated with accidents and incidents may include lost production time, damaged equipment, sickness absence, management time in terms of investigation and rectification work and more obviously fines, compensation claims, legal fees.

By implementing a robust health and safety training programme throughout the whole organisation, it is possible to reduce the costs associated with accidents and incidents, as well as maximising the full potential within your organisation.

People at every level within the organisation need to be trained to fully understand and be able to implement their health and safety responsibilities.

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